Mindfulness-Based Somatic Counseling

with Sam Vittoria, CHP


Interpersonal Neurobiology
and the
Healing Power of Relationships

Day Long Training

Postponed due to COVID-19

Interpersonal Neurobiology looks deeply at the nature of being human and offers us a comprehensive understanding of ourselves, others, and our interconnectedness. It illuminates the innate wisdom of our bodies and the enormous power of relationships. Both our past and current relationships (whether with family, friends, romantic partners, colleagues, etc.) are deeply influencing our moment-to-moment perceptions, emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. We are constantly shaping each other’s brains and nervous systems in profound ways.

With the vision that Interpersonal Neurobiology provides, we can be active participants in developing ways of being that are healing for ourselves, each other, and the world. Understanding our neurobiology allows us to work in harmony with our body’s inherent wisdom and natural healing processes. 

In this highly experiential training you will…

  • Learn body-based practices that strengthen and integrate your brain and other neural systems, allowing you to cultivate greater resiliency, flexibility, stability, compassion, and presence.
  • Discover ways of relating with yourself and others that are key to personal and relational wellbeing.
  • Learn how embodying the wisdom of Interpersonal Neurobiology can lead to meaningful lasting change.

You are invited to join us for this meaningful journey into the heart of being human.

Who might consider coming:
This training is for individuals, couples, and healing professionals. For individuals and couples, it offers a guide for personal healing and for creating nourishing relationships. For healing professionals, it offers a ground that both informs and supports any healing modality.

This training will be facilitated by Sam Vittoria, CHP. Sam is a Mindfulness-Based Somatic Counselor and Certified Hakomi Practitioner. He is dedicated to cultivating a safe, warm, nonjudgmental space in which we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Over the years, he has found that whole brain learning, which combines didactic and experiential processes, helps embody the principles so that they are available in our daily lives. He is continually integrating the discoveries of Interpersonal Neurobiology into his counseling practice and his life. Out of this comes a deep passion and respect for the innate wisdom of our bodily systems, and the enormous role relationships play in our wellbeing.

Date and Location
April 18, 2020
9:00am – 5pm
Ashland Institute of Massage
280 E Hersey St A-8, Ashland, OR 97520

Registration Fee: $125

Cancelation Policy
There is a $50 cancellation fee after March 18.

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For More Information
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